How will you make money?

We have received multiple emails from artists asking what our long-term plans are for monetizing NALA or what happens if an artist wants to sell their work. Our primary focus is developing a more efficient method for connecting Artists directly with the people most likely to be buyers. We believe that if we can predict the type of artwork a buyer is most likely to fall in love with the higher the chance of helping facilitate a sale. As an artist myself, I believe that we need a better way to find buyers, and I believe that NALA can be part of this solution. Our goal is to remain completely commission free and we believe that artists should be able to talk directly to their buyers. Instead, we charge a small subscription fee to be present on our database and for our matchmaking services. Our monthly subscription is 9$/month.

Tech issues or suggestions:

if you have any technical issues or suggestions, we would love to hear from you directly. We are working very hard to deliver the best possible experience to Artists and are fully aware that there are lots of areas to improve still. We will gladly accept all feedback and try and integrate it into our development cycle

Artists – The App doesn’t work:

We created a web portal specifically for artists to use to make it easier to access their content and upload work. Our app is currently only for Art Lovers. As an artist if you try downloading the app and logging in with your account you will get an error because you have an artist account and not an Art Lover account. If you wish to see the Art Lover experience you will have to make a separate account and create the account using the app.

Artists: Where do I login or Register

Right here: https://web.nala.art

How do you use data science?

Data science is a broad term that encompasses various computational techniques enabling computer programs to learn and make decisions. It's a concept deeply integrated into many aspects of our daily lives. At NALA, we employ data science in a manner akin to how Spotify suggests songs or Netflix recommends movies. Our algorithms analyze patterns in metadata associated with user interactions—whether it's songs, movies, or in our case, artwork. By identifying these patterns, our system can discern the subtle preferences of users, thereby improving its recommendations over time as it learns each user's unique tastes and inclinations.

We're excited to announce the development and rollout of a groundbreaking feature that leverages deep learning technology. This feature allows art enthusiasts to upload a photo of anything they find visually appealing. Our system then scans our extensive art database to find artworks that match the "feel" or aesthetic of the uploaded photo. This innovation aims to create a dynamic and engaging way for users to discover and connect with art. Our goal is to collaborate with museums worldwide, enhancing the experience of museum-goers by offering them a novel and interactive method to explore our database of global artists making art more accessible. Everybody needs art in their homes.

How will you protect my work from being integrated into any generative art programs?

We have taken extensive counter measures to protect artwork on our database from being scraped and collected. Our primary objective is to help real world artists and do not allow any AI generated or generative art on our platform.

How do I edit my account details?

Account details can be edited from the account details tab on the navigation menu. You can make any changes to your profile that you need from here.

How do I edit my Artwork?

Images can be edited by clicking on an artwork from your gallery page. You will see an option to edit artwork details and delete.

My images look stretched or distorted?

We had some issues with unusual proportion images stretching when viewed on Artists' website portals. However, we believe we have solved the issue. Do not worry; any stretching that you may have seen was a cosmetic issue on the website end; all images were uploaded successfully to our database and displayed properly on Art Lovers image feeds. If you are still seeing any image distortion on your gallery page please email us at: [email protected], and we will look into it.

How do sales work?

Once you upload Artwork to our system, it gets added to our database and fit into our model. If we have an Art Lover looking for a style that matches your work, we will share it with them. If there is a match you will be able to connect directly with the Art Lover. You will be free to set up payment terms, discuss commissions and conduct whatever business you choose. Our objective is to connect Artists with Art Lovers and not complicate the sales process by making things more complicated. You’ll have full control over the sales process.

What is the purpose of selecting so many tags?

Tags are an incredibly important part of how our algorithm works. It’s important to select as many as you can that apply to both the individual work of art and your style as an artist. If you believe that some tags that would better describe your work are not available in our list, please email us with the suggestions and we will add them to our list. [email protected]