For Art Lovers

Our goal is to help declutter the market and bring clarity to a rapidly changing industry. By harnessing the power of new technologies and Data Science, we can shed light on an inherently complex market.

How do you value the benefits of buying from an artist with 100,000 Instagram followers vs. an artist who sells consistently at auction vs. an artist who works with galleries?

With so many artists selling through social media, it is becoming increasingly hard to determine the value of a work of art. But, more importantly, how do you know you’re seeing the best of what’s out there? No matter what your budget may be, you should feel confident knowing you’re making an educated decision.

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How It Works

Every time you open NALA, you will be shown a curated selection of images that meet your criteria. Swiping right to like an image or left if you don't like an image keeps track of which works of Art you liked and allows NALA to better understand your personal preferences on a deeper level.

Letting NALA know what you don't like is also essential since NALA learns from you!

Swiping right on multiple pieces by the same artist earns a Match, which allows you to start communicating directly with the artist or gallery while expanding your artistic circle.

NALA learns your personal preferences as you navigate the app and begins customizing its recommendations. Like streaming services know the type of movies and shows you'd like to watch, NALA curates a personalized list of artists matching your unique style and tastes. Our goal is to help collectors expand their collections by introducing them to new artists who match their criteria while being a new discovery. The parallel to this would be scrolling through streaming services and coming across a hidden gem in your top recommendations that you would never have found otherwise. The world is full of amazing artists, and we hope to help you find your next favorite.


ECHO is a new tool built into NALA that combines deep learning with Artistic Discovery as part of our pursuit to make Art more accessible to everybody. Echo is an entirely new way to discover Art and explore the vast world of creativity based on what moves them. You don't need to be an art expert or know all the right terminology to discover Art that speaks to you. All you need to do is upload a photo of something you find visually stimulating, and NALA will display artworks that evoke a style, feel, and energy similar to the uploaded photo.

These aren't just any artworks from our database; they're ones that ECHO believes share a special connection with the photo provided. It's as though Echo listens to the whispers of the art world to find echoes of your image.

"The idea of Echo came from trying to figure out how to make museum The idea of Echo came from trying to figure out how to make museum art more accessible to visitors. I had this vision of taking a photo of a masterpiece I loved and being shown artwork with a similar" The idea of Echo came from trying to figure out how to make museum style and feel but within my budget

-Ben Gulak, Founder

NALA aims to make the experience of discovering Art accessible to all, empowering Art Lovers to find pieces that match their visual tastes and align with their budget. Echo is another way to discover Art in a more tactile way, using the user's surroundings as inspiration for the Art they are shown.

Art Lover Benefits

Personalized Curation

NALA's data science algorithm learns from collectors' swiping patterns, artistic preferences, and buying history to provide a highly personalized selection of artworks. This ensures that collectors are presented with art pieces that align with their tastes and interests.

Efficient Discovery

NALA's swipe-based interface makes art discovery fun, engaging, and efficient. Art Lovers can quickly browse through a vast catalog of artworks, saving time and effort in finding pieces that resonate with them.

Access to Emerging Artists

The platform introduces collectors to a diverse range of artists, including emerging talents. Art Lovers have the opportunity to discover unique and fresh artworks that might not be readily available through traditional galleries or art channels.

Transparency & Information

Art Lovers can access detailed information about each artwork, including the artist's background, inspirations, and techniques used. This transparency empowers collectors to make informed decisions and understand the context behind the art they are interested in.