For Artists

The world is filled with incredible creative talent. But, unfortunately, innumerable roadblocks prevent most artists from entering the global market or being discovered.

NALA helps artists get discovered by putting their artwork in front of their most likely collectors, dramatically increasing the chance of a sale instead of hoping that someone stumbles across their work by chance.

NALA is not another social media platform. There is no requirement for engaging or building followers or even posting regularly. There are no posts or feed to curate. The only criteria to make sales happen is to sign up with the app, fill out your profile and upload some artwork images. NALA does all the rest.

artist profile preview from NALA app

Artist Benefits

Increased Exposure

NALA provides artists with a platform to showcase their artworks to a large audience of potential collectors. As more collectors use the platform, the visibility of the artists' work increases, leading to greater exposure and potential sales.

Targeted Audience

The data science driven matching system of NALA ensures that artists' works are shown to collectors whose preferences align with the style, medium, and themes of the artwork. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of attracting collectors genuinely interested in the artist's creations.

Data-Driven Insights

Artists gain valuable insights into the preferences and tastes of collectors through the data science analysis of swiping patterns. This data-driven feedback allows artists to make informed decisions about their art, understand market demand, and fine-tune their artistic direction to resonate better with potential buyers.

Sales & Revenue Growth

With a curated and personalized platform for Art Lovers, NALA increases the chances of attracting serious buyers. As Art Lovers swipe through and express interest in their art, artists experience higher conversion rates, leading to increased sales and revenue growth.