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NALA (Networked Artistic Learning Algorithm) is an Artificial Intelligence platform developed entirely in-house. Driven by a passion for creativity and a technical team based out of M.I.T. in Boston, MA, NALA is the first true data science-powered Art platform bridging the gap between data science and artistic expression.

The NALA team has created a unique system that redefines connections between creators and enthusiasts. Behind the science of matchmaking lies a deep understanding of the desires of both parties. NALA accomplishes this by combining data science with Artificial Intelligence and decades of hands-on industry experience.

“I never understood why in a world with so much creativity, you can walk into galleries in almost any major city and see the same artists on the walls. Art is supposed to be about individualism, and yet sometimes the market seems anything but. With the commercialism of creativity, we have limited ourselves and our ability to find new artists.“

-Ben Gulak, Founder


We built NALA to bridge the gap between Artists and Art Lovers. By applying Machine Learning & Data Science to the Art industry, we created a personalized Artificial Intelligence Art Recommender engine powered by the World’s largest Art Database.

For Artists

NALA is not a social network. Rather than considering engagement metrics such as likes, followers or post frequency, NALA serves your art to potential collectors based on the probability they become a buyer.

For Art Lover

NALA delivers a first-of-its-kind art discovery experience. Our data science model learns your interests and recommends art by artists you may not have discovered any other way. Avoid market manipulation & make decisions backed by data.


Artists First

Artists are the lifeblood of the art industry. By applying data science to the art industry, our mission is to enable more artists to enter the global market, find new customers & share their creativity with the world.

Smarter Everyday

Similar to art, NALA never stops evolving. As NALA learns about new art, the model becomes more intelligent to better serve all users of the platform.

Millions of Data Points

NALA accomplishes this by combining data science with Artificial Intelligence and decades of hands-on industry experience.

Endless Possibilities

With artists in virtually every corner of the planet, we live in a world of limitless creativity. Let NALA help you find your new favorite artist.

Nala: Under the hood

The heart of NALA (Networked Artistic Learning Algorithm) is our recommender engine. NALA sifts through millions of potential matches and returns the optimized pairings of artists to collectors and galleries, streamlining the discovery process.